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Why the Liberty Prep Toddler Program is More Than Just Childcare.

Whether parents are looking for care for their children during work hours, or a place for their child to interact with other children, the options are usually lumped together under the category of childcare. However the Montessori Toddler program is significantly different than a daycare setting.

Neurological research is increasingly proving that the first three years of your child's life are a period in which she/he learns the most, and is developing the largest number of synapses that they will possess in their lives. The consensus among neuropsychiatric research community is that brain development is not linear, but causal; early exposure has a decisive impact on the nature and extent of the corresponding adult brain.

The Toddler Montessori materials have been specifically created to meet the developmental needs of toddlers. Unlike regular pre-school and daycare centres, none of our materials are similar to their toys at home. Toddler age children are in what Maria

Montessori called a "sensitive period" for language

and order. So each activity and piece of material in

our toddler class has been developed to elicit language development and independence skills.

1. Language Development

A sensitive period for language means that children

at this age are hard-wired to learn language spoken by those arounds them, and to quickly enlarge their vocabularies. So our toddler teachers use creative and intriguing ways to help them using materials such as the Classified Cards. Older toddlers are introduced to phonetic awareness through games and eventually the Sandpaper Letters.

2. Independence Skills

Our Practical Life activities facilitate independence by breaking down daily tasks into manageable steps. Toddlers practice repeatedly to achieve mastery of such skills as putting on their coat, pouring water, and washing a table. This fulfills their need for independence and makes them very proud! It also eliminates tantrums which are generally caused by young children frustrated at not being able to do things for themselves.

The Liberty Prep Toddler class offers an orderly environment with a consistent structure and age-

appropriate choices. Our toddlers are free to explore at their own pace - a "follow the child" approach. We guide your child to develop the skills necessary to boost self-esteem and to get along with other children and adults. They are expected to, for example, hang up their coat, and put work back on the shelf. Montessori teachers model social skills, manners, and consideration of others.

Montessori for Toddlers = Optimal Early Leaning

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