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Why Liberty Prep?

The philosophy at Liberty Prep, first and foremost, is based on respect for your child's inner desire to learn and knowledge of her/himself. The Montessori pedagogy was founded on the principle that children given the freedom to develop at their own pace, and choose areas of study that interest them, become adults able to think creatively and with the self-discipline to be successful. 

Montessori alumni including Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales and Jeff Bezos, the creator of Amazon credit a Montessori education for their ability to ask the right questions, think analytically, and self-motivate. Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, believes that Montessori schools are doing a better job of teaching and producing independent thinkers than the traditional system. Elon Musk of Tesla, unhappy with the private school his children were attending, has recently opened a school that includes many of the tenets of a Montessori education.

See parent testimonials below

What We Do


At Liberty Prep, we provide the environment necessary for students to become lifelong learners, confident in their abilities and passionate about their interests. Our integrated curriculum and inquiry-based teaching methods encourage the development of the whole child, building the critical skills necessary for success and happiness in the future.

How We Do It: The Montessori Method

Dr. Montessori, using scientific methods of observation and research, developed a pedagogy supporting a child's inner drive to learn and become independent. Her method and materials offer each child an environment in which he/she can discover their passion and creativity as well as the skills and habits necessary for success and engagement.

Highlights of the Montessori Method:

Learning is student-directed, inquiry based - Children in a Montessori class choose their own work. Teachers work as guides, not imparting knowledge but exposing students to interesting materials that encourage problem solving and creative thinking. Autonomy is the path to self-motivation.

Each child has an individualized plan - Our teachers individualize instruction to keep each student optimally challenged and engaged. The teachers build on each child's strengths as well as support her/him in an area that may require more time.

Multi-age classrooms - Montessori classrooms include three age groups. Three years in one class with the same teachers and friends creates a family-like community. Students learn from, and with, each other. Younger students look up to and learn from older peers, and older students have the opportunity to be leaders and mentors.


Who We Are


College educated, Montessori trained expert teachers who are committed to our philosophy and method. Our teachers are genuinely passionate about working with children, and bring different interests and accomplishments to the students at Liberty Prep. Typically our teachers have at least three years of experience in a classroom, and many have over a decade of Montessori work on their resume. We understand that talented, motivated teachers are critical to delivering on our promise of excellence, so we hire and develop only passionate professionals who enjoy the work they do.

What Success Looks Like

At Liberty Prep, success is a graduate who is academically accomplished, confident and independent. Who has built on her natural curiosity, discovered and explored his interests, and has taken the first step toward becoming a lifelong learner and a world citizen. 

What Our Families Say

On the last day of school it was important to me to send a quick note of appreciation for the work you do with Evan. As you know we had a hard time finding the right place for him. Evan thrives on opportunities to demonstrate his independence and develop new skills. It still amazes me that you have been able to identify him for the unique individual he is, and both foster his identity and guide him in his interests. From the beginning you demonstrated that the children were the priority rather than routines. It is really refreshing to see an organization act in this manner.

You guys have become family to us, and we are sincerely thankful for the love and work you do. 

Ann and David

Our son Simon loved Liberty Prep. The school has a great team of teachers and ECEs who are incredibly caring and create a wonderful atmosphere for learning. Simon came home every day singing songs and sharing things he learned at school. One day we were surprised to hear him sound out letters and read the word dog. He is 4 - it was thrilling! We loved the community of families as well as the respect instilled in the students for themselves, their friends, and the classroom.

Simon thrived at Liberty Prep, We couldn't have been happier.

Dr. Karen Jongedijk

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Excellent school with exceptional teachers. Couldn't recommend highly enough. My son started at 18 months and he is so happy we can't wait to sign him up for the next school year.

Anna T.

My twins have been at Liberty Prep for 3 years and it has been the best experience. They are only 5, and can read, speak French, and are learning multiplication and division. I can't say enough about the wonderful environment created by the owner and the amazing teachers. I am thankful every day that we found this school as our kids have thrived at Liberty Prep.


Michelle M.

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