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Liberty Prep is a one-of-a-kind institution that brings Maria Montessori’s century-old teaching philosophy to Toronto’s downtown core. We believe that the environment children learn in is as important as the materials they use, so we handpicked and renovated two truly unique locations that reflect the character of our downtown Toronto neighbourhoods.


Liberty Prep brings the proven Montessori method to the urban Toronto core, filling the gap between traditional education and the skill set necessary to succeed. Reach out to discover what we do differently, and how we do it. 


Our Programs


Toddler  18 months - 3 years.


The first three years of a child's life are the most formative. Our Toddler room is a nurturing extension of your home, with materials created to meet the developmental needs of your child. Our gifted teachers support the toddlers' desire for purposeful activity, focusing on the independence that they crave as well as the development of language and fine/ gross motor skills.

See our blog for an understanding of Why the Liberty Prep Toddler Program is More Than Just Childcare.

Casa   3 - 6 years 

Children 3 to 6 years of age learn by doing. They have a tremendous capacity to absorb information, and do so by using their hands to problem solve and master skills through repetition. The Casa class has five learning centres: Practical Life fosters independence, Sensorial materials teach by using all five senses, the Montessori Language area turns the abstract world of letters into concrete materials allowing children to read by 3 and 4. Similarly our Math area uses concrete materials to facilitate functions into the thousands. Culture combines science, history, geography, music and art. Our practice of grace and courtesy teaches students compassion as well as respect for themselves, their friends, and their environment.

See a post on our blog written by one of our parents: Why I Send My Child to a Montessori Pre-School.

Elementary  Grades 1 - 6


At six years of age children enter a new plane of development; their ability to reason and understand abstract ideas is emerging. Building on strong reading, writing, and math skills learned in the Casa classroom, Lower Elementary students excel in an interdisciplinary, inquiry-based environment to discover the "how" and "why" of the world they live in. The mixed-age classroom offers opportunities for cooperation and leadership. Socially LE students begin to find their place outside of the classroom, taking part in their community through outdoor discovery and volunteer work.

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